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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Booting a new USRP

From: cfk
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Booting a new USRP
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 09:57:04 -0800
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Dear Rahul
 The program test_fusb is not installed in the computer's path. I can be found 
in ../usrp/host/apps along with several others such as test_usrp_standard_tx 
and test_usrp_standard_rx. In all three cases these programs are invoked by 
navigating to the ../usrp/host/apps directory and typing:


The "./" means execute the program in the current directory and not to search 
the computer's path. You can see your path with the command "echo $PATH" from 
a terminal prompt.

 I have been recently using usrp_siggen.py instead of test_fusb or 
test_usrp_standard_tx. This Python scipt is in gnuradio-examples/python/usrp 
along with a couple of others such as usrp_oscope.py which I havent quite 
gotten to yet.

 All of these load the firmware.ihx and usrp_fpga.rbf files and change the 
blinking led #0 from once a second to twice a second or so.

 The usrper program is in the path, but it doesnt load either firmware.ihx or 
usrp_fpga.rbf. However, once the firmware.ihx and usr[_fpga.rbf file are 
loaded then the command 'usrper led1 on' and 'usrper led1 off' should produce 
visible results.

 Currently, I can run usrp_siggen.py with no problem and change the frequency 
and amplitude of the resulting sine waves and admire them on a scope. I will 
be here working through some Python details for the next three days and if 
you look at the previous post, it is a combination of usrp_siggen.py and my 
current thoughts, in an *almost* operational program.

 It will load firmware.ihx or usrp_fpga.rbf if requred. When its window is 
closed, then the original usrp_siggen code executes sg.start and starts the 
default 900Khz sine wave at a volt or so amplitude.

 I hope this helps you a little bit. Please let us know your progress as you 
work through the issues.

Charles Krinke

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