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Re: Gnokii, Gnocky Error on Fedora 12

From: Aleksandar Kostadinov
Subject: Re: Gnokii, Gnocky Error on Fedora 12
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 10:04:46 +0300

On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 5:48 AM, monet nisperos
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry but I don't understand what you mean by "Do not top post".

This is an inline reply what seems the preferred type of email reply
in this list (and many more). It saves time the reader to understand
context of the written reply. You can distinguish between top posting
(yours), bottom posting and inline replies.
btw there are lists where top posting is not considered annoying.

> Anyway, I am using a laptop using windows as my OS.  I installed sun virtual
> box so I could install Fedora and ubuntu on top of windows.  The problem is,
> windows can detect my Nokia using USB cable.  The Virtual Box also detects
> my Nokia unfortunately gnokii does not.
> I will try to look for a computer with only Fedora on it so i could test my
> mobile and gnokii.. but just curious why gnokii can't identify my mobile
> while virtual box can.

You are mixing terms here. It would be hard for the gnokii team to
help you. Pawel asked you what is virtualbox and you are not
explaining to him. What does this mean that virtual box does detect
the phone but gnookii does not? What does it mean that windows detects
your phone?
To get a useful answer you first need to do your homework and ask the
question with as much details as possible.

For example:
I can access the phone with program X on windows
I can access the phone with program X on windows running inside virtual box

Although probably I'm losing my time right now given I'm not a gnokii
expert and that there's a great lack of details, I'd ssuggest to you
to look at your fedora's log while connecting the phone and see if the
USB layer detects the device. If you see some usb related messages,
then look if the necessary device that you have configured in your
gnokii config is created. If not, see if you have installed the udev
rules necessary to create this device.
With lack of linux knowledge it's not an easy task but asking
linux/fedora specific questions in the fedora user forum can certainly
help you.

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