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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: give us a hand with arch

From: Jason McCarty
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: give us a hand with arch
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 23:35:54 -0400
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Dustin Sallings wrote:
>       I usually don't do any logging before a commit.  It'd be nice to be 
> able to do perforce/cvs style commits with notes, I think.  Of course, 
> if in the end, we only have one model, I like the one we have.
>       OpenCM does both in that you can edit your future checkin message at 
> any time up to the checkin (at which point it will be presented to you 
> for your final edit).  I think the important aspect of the OpenCM model 
> is that the user gets to choose the appropriate time to enter logs.

Tla lets you do just the same thing, except it doesn't automatically
present the log to you one last (or in many cases the first) time. If
you wanted the OpenCM behavior, it sounds pretty easy to implement as a
hook on commit (just call $EDITOR `tla make-log --dir $TREE-ROOT` or
something like that).

>       I think it's best to offer suggestions (as defaults) for how things 
> should work, but still let users create their own work flow.  For 
> example, I really like the explicit tagging method and thing it's a 
> good default, but some people like other methods.

I think tla is doing pretty good in this regard; there are lots of
options for how to do things, even those that Tom doesn't feel are
optimal. The bad thing about having so many options is that you have to
learn a bunch of them well enough to make an informed decision about
which one to use, and understand the implications of that decision.


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