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[libmicrohttpd] Building libmicrohttpd-0.9.55 on RHEL5

From: microhttpd
Subject: [libmicrohttpd] Building libmicrohttpd-0.9.55 on RHEL5
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 11:16:49 +0200
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I am trying to build libmicrohttpd-0.9.55 with support for https on RHEL5. As I can not even get the demo_https server to work (server demo which uses plain http, works as intended), there must be something wrong with libmicrohttpd itself or one or more of the libraries it uses.

Running the demo_https server, it seems to start just fine. However when I try to use curl to connect, it just hangs for a long time after which it comes back with "curl: (52) Empty reply from server".

I does not seem like the "generate_page" callback function is ever called. I have tried to add the following statement as the first statement, but I see no output:

    printf ("U=%s, M=%s\n", url, method);

Occasionally, I get a response, with part of the response headers garbled, indicating that memory was overwritten somewhere. In this case curl still hangs after receiving the response and I do get output from the printf-statement above.

As RHEL5 are missing a lot of libraries, or have outdated versions, I have built most of the dependent libraries myself. Here is a list of the libraries I have built and linked with microhttpd, and the versions I used:

gnutls: 3.6.0 (also tried 3.5.15 with same result)
gcrypt: 1.8.0
libgpg-error: 1.27
p11-kit: 0.23.2
tasn1: 4.12
nettle: 3.3
ffi: 3.2.1
gmp: 6.1.2

Any idea on where to start tracking down this issue?

Best regards,
Svein Olav Bjerkeset

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