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Re: Free Software Logo -> Where does FSF go?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Free Software Logo -> Where does FSF go?
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 12:26:11 +0300
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* al3xu5 / dotcommon <> [2020-10-30 12:20]:
> Thu, 29 Oct 2020 09:26:17 -0700 - Aaron Wolf <>:
> > [...] The FSF is not opposed
> > to legal enforcement of trademarks and copyrights (copylefts in this
> > case).
> Sorry but I am very amazed to hear this statement.
> I believed that the ethical spirit that originated GNU and GPL (copyleft),
> and that is the basis of the FSF, was exactly that of opposing trademarks,
> copyrights and patents.

That is my perception too.

> I believed that the primary objective of the FSF and copyleft should be on
> the social level, at the service of the freedom of persons, of the
> community, of justice and equality; and not on the technical, legal or
> economic one.

Yes, that is my perception over the years.

> I have been an FSF member for many years. Perhaps the FSF has been
> changing for some time. Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand. Maybe
> I never understood.

Keep doing, you understood it right.

> However, if things are really like this (and it seems to me more and more
> that they are or that they are becoming) I don't think I will renew my
> membership beyond that.
> But I really hope the FSF makes it clear that this is not the case, in
> words and above all in deeds.

Legal resort is always the last according to FSF.

Copy to RMS maybe he has more to say. 

> Regards
> al3xu5
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