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Re: Free Software Logo

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Free Software Logo
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 19:51:20 +0300
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* Aaron Wolf <> [2020-10-29 19:26]:
> I don't think it has happened that proprietary software ever claimed to
> be GNU, but if that happened, the GNU project *would* take legal action
> if they couldn't first get voluntary compliance. The FSF is not opposed
> to legal enforcement of trademarks and copyrights (copylefts in this
> case).

I know it would but as last resort:

For trademarks it would be probably similar principle.

How much attention an organization put on trademarks is indicator on
how much they would be enforcing it.



"Use Mozilla wordmarks in text to truthfully refer to and/or link to
unmodified Mozilla programs, products, services and technologies."

If it would be very easy to change the trademark such as "Firefox" in
the software by using some easy variable such as TRADEMARK=Firefox
then I would say that is fine. But that is not the case and that is
not all.

- if I wish to modify sources of the browser I would need to explain
  that software is based on Mozilla (I don't think this is freedom),
  or that it is compatible with other Mozilla products (not freedom)

- and I must have "social media account, page or community", what if I
  don't want to have such? No freedom.

Imagine if GNU project would impose such nonsensical contradictory
trademark policies, then there would be no GNU/Linux as of today.

Jean Louis

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