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Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distrib

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distributions
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 20:00:33 +0300
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* Ali Reza Hayati <> [2020-10-29 19:33]:
> I agree with you, Jean.
> This is a major concern about software distribution. The reason behind
> this is, pardon me, dumb. If we go by this reason, we should take down
> the whole internet and even modern technology just because people may
> misuse it. It's just in case that we consider downloading public media,
> a misuse.
> Good news is that because of this specific takedown, public attention is
> now gained and we may be able to do something about it.
> First step would be moving from corporate-backed services to services
> that are run by companies that value human beings/people instead of
> money. Money is important but the first priority should be people.
> These service should be libre and also out of the U.S. for now as U.S.
> laws are currently very stupid and discriminatory.

Exactly that.

There is already so much hosting space for free software on its
mirrors, but if mirror is engaged by the order of US organization, US
court can give order that US organization shut it down, even if it is
in other country.

Gitlab have shutdown Iranian developers for US imposed sanctions. That
is unjust just as it is unjust in Iran to forbid encryption.

Libreplanet shall make the page with list of free software hosting
providers that are inside of US jurisdiction and those outside of US
jurisdiction. That is how to counter the DMCA notices and safety of

There shall be a libreplanet page disadvising people to run any
non-free software such as Javascript when hosting free software.

In general people shall be made aware how dangerous is running
non-free Javascript. This statement may be too strict for many. I am
not saying that it is dangerous to run some trivial Javascript today,
I am saying that if we do not do anything about that, imposing and
forcing people to run any kind of software on their computers will
become even more reality. It affects future and present time.

This is very serious issue. Why Github does not comply to liberate
Javascript? They do not want to comply to liberate their Javascript
not because of the current Javascript but because of the opportunities
they are getting in the future.

Then there shall be page on libreplanet on how to avoid potential
threats with the DMCA. But Libreplanet being itself in the USA has to
ensure its legalities on how to speak about it.

Jean Louis

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