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Re: Free Software Logo

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: Free Software Logo
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 12:41:25 -0300
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Em 29/10/2020 12:59, Jean Louis escreveu:
> To clarify my previous post, there are groups like free system
> distributions from that would not go after
> somebody using their logo or trademarks in any manner, they would
> continue doing what they are doing.
> GNU is also trademark, but GNU never did anything into that direction
> as it opposes in general intellectual rights.

As far as I have read, GNU head trademark is enforced only when non-free
software poses as “GNU” or when the GNU head is used to advertise
non-free software.

> Projects like Trisquel, Parabola, Hyperbola, they may refuse to
> include certain software due to trademark issues, such as Rust:

Besides that, the free/libre system distributions generally also remove
those for NodeJS's npm, Rust's cargo and other package management
facilities that by default point to repositories not committed to de GNU
FSDG, guidelines which require exactly that, or a change in the default
repository configuration to either remove all of such (leaving only the
package manager there, but with no repository information) or to point
to a repository that is committed to the GNU FSDG, for which there are
rare ones since most JavaScript, Python, Rust folks don't seem to care
until it bites them in some other way.

It must be noted that the reason for removal in cases related to any
trademark is due to its *enforcement policy* (for example, from Rust),
not simply because of the trademark's existence.

Back on the case of Rust, as a pun, and perhaps as invitation to start a
rebranded edition, was made — I don't know who
started that, but I think it was either Alexandre Oliva (lxo, lxoliva)
or Jason Self (jxself, jself).

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