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Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distrib

From: Ali Reza Hayati
Subject: Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distributions
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 22:16:11 +0330

On 10/29/20 9:23 PM, Denver Gingerich wrote:
> Agreed.  Or even better, services run by non-profit charities.
> As an example, youtube-dl has received offers from non-profit charities to 
> host their repository, issues tracker, etc.  I hope that youtube-dl will take 
> them up on their offer.  These non-profit charities can fight DMCA notices 
> (or similar notices in other countries) to take down youtube-dl and won't 
> just cave to RIAA pressure like big companies such as GitHub/Microsoft will.

youtube-dl is now hosted by Codeberg (Germany) and I believe many other
services that are mirroring it. Needless to mention PyPi.

> Yes, but the RIAA and others can sue the developers in their home country 
> too.  One youtube-dl developer was threatened in this way in their home 
> country of Germany (and the RIAA specifically mentioned a German case in 
> their takedown notice, presumably to threaten the current lead developer of 
> youtube-dl).  So we need to take a more holistic approach to solving this.

It is correct but the service may be able to not comply with the order
based on the laws. I've asked Codeberg about it and they said they have
to comply with an order from a court in Germany. If RIAA wants to take
down youtube-dl from COdeberg, they probably will start by filling a
complaint to a court in Germany.

They probably will get what they want but this won't end youtube-dl's
life anyway.

> That would be nice to have, but is only a first step.  Per above there are a 
> lot of other solutions we can and should pursue.


Ali Reza Hayati /
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