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Re: Should we take steps to reduce russian access to Free Software?

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: Should we take steps to reduce russian access to Free Software?
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 17:10:08 +0000


Good question.

Watching the BBC news, I get the impression, that while the regime is behind the invasion, the army follow orders. Many ordinary Russians DO NOT want this war. In addition there are probably many activists in Russia, who are against Putin and who may rely on free software to conduct business, communication etc (e.g at a guess gnupg)

Free software is about using software for what you want to use it for. Of course, we would hope people use it in a way that respects human rights and freedoms.

Just a thought.


On 24/02/2022 08:04, Jacob Hrbek wrote:
Today russian forces invaded ukraine and started an unprovoked war with
free software being used across russia and in the government thus
playing a major role in russia's war capabilities.

Should we and can we take steps to prevent/reduce russia's access to our

Jacob Hrbek, In support of ukraine sovereignty #supportUkraine

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