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Re: Should we take steps to reduce russian access to Free Software?

From: Aaron Wolf
Subject: Re: Should we take steps to reduce russian access to Free Software?
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 10:03:56 -0800

You might also focus on how Russia uses concepts from political philosophy, technology like wheels and guns, and can we stop them from having access to that stuff?

It does seem that restricting various actors from having technology to do harm is a sensible idea. But who gets to control that discrimination? It ends up being a matter of wanting the good-guys to just be in control.

Software freedom works against such power, and much of the time that means it undermines the power of bad actors to do harm. But it also means we don't reserve power to discriminate against bad actors.

The means of engaging with Russia aren't through some way of blocking their access to free software. Rather than just make this a philosophical debate, the practical answer is "NO, we do NOT have the power to stop Russia from using free software". We are not the powerful rulers of software access. That is not a capacity we have.

On 2022-02-24 00:04, Jacob Hrbek wrote:
Today russian forces invaded ukraine and started an unprovoked war with
free software being used across russia and in the government thus
playing a major role in russia's war capabilities.

Should we and can we take steps to prevent/reduce russia's access to our

Jacob Hrbek, In support of ukraine sovereignty #supportUkraine

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