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Re: Meeting 2nd half of August!

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Meeting 2nd half of August!
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 23:13:21 +0200
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Graham Percival <address@hidden> writes:

> On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 06:26:34PM +0200, David Kastrup wrote:
>> So the core data would be "Dortmund Germany" (about 10 miles from there)
>> and the proposal for a date would Friday August 17th to Tuesday August
>> 21st, or one week later.
> Any idea about the connectivity with nearby airports?  Flying to
> Dortmund seems to involve three flights over 2000 euro, whereas
> flying to Dusseldorf is 250 euro.  It's probably safe to assume
> that Germany has good railways for Dusseldorf to Dortmund?  (or
> maybe Essen or Cologne?)

Essen -- Dortmund --> 20 minutes hourly, 30 minutes every 15 minutes
Düsseldorf -- Dortmund --> 45 minutes hourly
Cologne -- Dortmund --> about 1h10 hourly

That's just the regional trains I know off my head (got a ticket for
them); the fast trains are about once or twice an hour and are again
about 20% time off and about 25Euro/hr.

Connecting from the airports to the main railway lines: Essen no idea,
Düsseldorf _is_ on the main railway line, Dortmund and Cologne take
about 20 minutes.

Ryanair might connect to something like "Düsseldorf Weeze" instead of
the main airport.  I have no idea where that is; probably 25 minutes of
transfer from Düsseldorf main station.

In a nutshell: connecting to Dortmund airport instead of Düsseldorf buys
you astonishingly little time and not all that much railroad fare.
Connecting to Cologne takes somewhat more time.  Essen would be
tolerable as well, but probably like Dortmund does not really make for
cheap connections.

David Kastrup

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