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Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: vertical alignment (possible error!)
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 20:57:45 -0800

On Sat, 09 Nov 2002 19:26:44 -0500
address@hidden (Suzanne E. Blatt) wrote:
> \score {
>  \simultaneous {
>   \addlyrics
>       \property Staff.skipbars = ##t

Why are you skipping bars?  Is there any un-skipbars?

>       \context Staff="StaffA" \StaffA
>       \context Lyrics="StaffAText \ StaffAText
That should be "\StaffAText". not "\ StaffAText".

>     }
> \paper {
>      linewidth = 160.00 \mm
>      textheight = 230.00 \mm
>  }
> }
> When I tried putting the '\translator { \StaffContext
> minimumVerticalExtent' under the \paper, I got an error - the
> unexpected SCM thingy and I got the same when I tried to specify the
> minimumVertical Extent under \score as  \context
> Staff.minimumVerticalExtent.

I'm still not certain if the error is actually with the \translator
section.  Try commenting out a lot of your code, and try to get it to
work with a really simple example.  Once it's working with a simple
example, then gradually uncomment lines to determine where exactly the
error is.

> Also ... when I specify the linewidth and textheight, run the .ly and
> generate the .ps, then look at it in gv - often it will be on one page

Do you want to use USletter, A4 paper, or some wierd papersize of your
own? I recommend that you use the preset paper sizes if possible.
for example,
\paper {papersize=letter}

Lilypond uses A4 by default.  A4 is a little bit longer than USletter
paper; if you try to print A4 onto USletter paper, you'll lose

If you use paper names like "letter" or "A4", gv will tell you what papersize
it is (one of the boxes along the top).

- Graham

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