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Re: [Frescobaldi] Re: Mac testers needed for Frescobaldi!

From: Jeff Holland
Subject: Re: [Frescobaldi] Re: Mac testers needed for Frescobaldi!
Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 05:42:20 -0700 (PDT)

On Monday, May 19, 2014 6:50:31 PM UTC+2, Davide Liessi wrote:
The main problems are:
- PortMIDI is not included in the bundle, and even if it is included
(with the appropriate option of py2app) Frescobaldi cannot see the
MIDI ports provided by SimpleSynth or FluidSynth;

What about bundling, say, FluidSynth and the soundfont from MuseScore so that MIDI playback would work "out of the box" as it does in the Windows version of Frescobaldi?

For that matter, I also think the latest stable version of LilyPond itself should be included. For the majority of potential Frescobaldi users, getting comfortable with LilyPond is the biggest barrier to entry. It would be better if there were not additional barriers on top of that.

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