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Re: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation

From: Jacob Dall
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 12:47:39 +0100

Hello Peter,

One of the reasons I'm going for PPP is because of it's auto-negotiating 
feature. To my knowledge SLIP has no such feature, and I think that's a 
need-to-have. I definitely want my highly embedded system to be able to fetch 
an IP of it's own. 

Maybe I've missed something!?

Jacob Dall

> >I'm in the early stage of evaluating diffenet TCP/IP stacks for embedded 
> >use. I've no ethernet, so I'm heavily in need of IP over serial - I think 
> >I'll go for PPP!
> Do you have specific requirements which forbid the use of SLIP? I can 
> confirm that lwIP works well on my 68k target with SLIP. Much simpler and 
> uses less code.
> >Some of my requirements to the stack are:
> >- capable of running a PPP server
> >- being a PPP client
> >- support for modem dial-in (in time... right now, I have no modem)
> >
> >Please, can anyone shine some light on these issues?
> I've not yet been able to get lwIP PPP to work on my target. It sends 
> packets, and the other endpoint, too, but a connection is not established. 
> My knowledge about the PPP protocol is a bit poor, so I failed to find the 
> cause of the problem. I hope others on this list had more success, it would 
> be interesting to know on which target systems it worked.
> BTW I'd like to ask if someone could provide a working example of lwIP PPP 
> options/initialization plus the pppd configuration of the other endpoint 
> (e.g. Linux).
> Peter
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