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Re: SV: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation

From: Micron Engineering
Subject: Re: SV: [lwip-users] Status of PPP implementation
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 11:48:23 +0200
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Ethernet data is always bigendian on the net. You have just to use functions to write data and properly setup include files to do this; if your cpu is big endian macros and functions will not affect the way to write data and all will be more simple.

address@hidden wrote:
Andreas Stenius wrote:

[...] I hope others on this list had more 
success, it would be interesting to know on which target 
systems it worked.
I'm successfully using the PPP code on an Atmel AT91M40800
(and AT91FR4042) with a GSM-module from SonyEricsson (GM47).

AFAIK these are little-endian, while mine is big-endian.
Is anybody using it on a big-endian 32 bit CPU?

BTW I'd like to ask if someone could provide a working example of 
options/initialization plus the pppd configuration of the other 
(e.g. Linux).
I've got it up and running with the default settings. I might've
turned the periodically ping off though.
No clue about the other end, since I'm talking to the GSM-operator.

Which authentication method do you use?


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