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Re: [glob2-devel] Forbidden flags - gameplay suggestions

From: Matthew Marshall
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Forbidden flags - gameplay suggestions
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 01:07:35 -0500
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There are some very good points made here!

> > I think we can do this later (after v1.0)
> Yes, of course. For now [v1.0] what we need most is:
> - a better script that allows cool campaigns and alternative gameplays

I think this is a very big one!  IMHO, being able to easily add to the game is 
something that makes a game popular.

> Everything else is science-fiction! This does not mean we shouldn't talk
> about it, but we shouldn't suggest it for a fast integration. So for
> such ideas we should make some kind of suggestion pool [for eg in the
> wiki], where people could write down cool ideas by documenting them very
> well. So if one day some programmer has some time and motivation, he can
> implement one of these ideas without having to think about how it should
> work.

Hmm... Isn't this what savannah is ment for?  NCT, Nuge, does it help for us 
to post/discus ideas on savannah?

> > Some other thinks we should worry is managing the defense.  We have
> > nothink for defense, and the buildings are week.  ONe solution is making
> > buildings stronger but it will make the game more like the old games.

That all sounds like it could be neat, it also sounds quite complicated.  I 
think that while the focus of minimzing micro management is wonderful, we 
also need to not cut down on the amount of control that is available.

> - problem: surprise attacks [eg by cutting a new access way through
> resources] are too hard to stop.

I personally make a habit of building defense towers anywhere that such an 
attack could be possible.  And really, this can be a lot of fun when you are 
the one issuing these surprise attacks!

Or how about this:  A new type of flag that alerts you whenever an enemy unit 
enters it.  That way, you can place one of these flags in an area that you 
suspect might be attacked, and will have time to react.

> - problem: it is also too hard to stop an enemy cutting down all your
> resources.

This is where I got the idea of setting the attack preferences.

> * suggestion: you said that resources that were cut down should grow
> again faster and from nowhere [no adjacent resources needed], I like
> that idea very much!

I think that I like it too.  However, I don't think that it should grow too 
fast; it is already really frustrating to have the resources grow up where 
you are trying to build something!

Hey, I just got another idea!  Why not have it so that part of the job of the 
workers assigned to building is to clear the space away!  That would REALLY 
cut down on micro management for me!

> - problem: prestige limit is too hard to reach, and not very interesting.
> * suggestion: prestige buildings should be much easier to build, but
> also much easier to break. they should even make you somehow weaker. one
> idea could be that they are shown to the enemy, he can see the level3
> school as well as a big area around it [5 to 10 units].

I highly agree with this!  I have only won by prestige when I was testing to 
see if it really worked.

[snipped the part about converting units]

Another thing, I think that units convert just a little too easily.  Perhaps 
it should be that when there is one more type of fruit, the units have a %30 
chance of converting.  When there are two more types, there is a %70 chance.  
Only when there are 3 more types are they sure to convert.

Also, there should be more types of fruit.


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