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Re: threads and kill-buffer

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: threads and kill-buffer
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2012 18:04:26 +0200

>> Suppose *Backtrace* is current in thread A and gets killed by thread B.
> Why does it get killed?

Because killing a buffer was part of the OP's scenario.  In the case at
hand suppose it's killed because the user quits the debugger.

>> Before making another buffer current for A, a debugger buffer must be
>> revived for B.
> Why is there a need to make "another buffer current for A"?.  And why
> "a debugger buffer must be revived for B"?  The "must" part is
> particularly confusing.

Because of a bug in thread B causing it to enter the debugger.

>> Would that be a different buffer from the *Backtrace* seen in A?
> Yes.

After trying to understand the internals of `debug' in the past days,
I'd be curious how this could be done.


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