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messages-buffer-max-lines (was: The emacs_backtrace "feature")

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: messages-buffer-max-lines (was: The emacs_backtrace "feature")
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 12:44:03 +0300
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>> something like 40 will cover most cases.
> OK, thanks, I did that in trunk bzr 110259.

Thanks, 40 should be enough.  There is a similar problem with
`messages-buffer-max-lines' (`message-log-max') whose default value
100 is too small.  Often while debugging a problem in `emacs -Q'
it truncates lines in the *Messages* buffer, so I have to set it
to a higher number and redo all tests from the beginning.

Actually I see no reason to truncate *Messages* at all, but at least
if it should be a number, please increase it to a number one order of
magnitude higher (e.g. 1000) that won't cause frequent problems.

PS: Previous discussion 5 years ago:

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