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Re: Require Emacs >=24.3 for next Org versions?

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: Require Emacs >=24.3 for next Org versions?
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 07:24:11 +0200
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Artur Malabarba writes:
>> Now, even if we did keep an Emacs 23 compatible Org around (most likely
>> being feature frozen and only getting critical bugfixes) we'd still have
>> to solve the problem that Emacs' package manager currently can't serve
>> different packages for different versions of Emacs.
> Emacs 23 didn't come with package.el, which means you're targetting
> people who have manually added package.el to their system. I think
> it's safe to assume that this group of people is capable of manually
> downloading and setting up your compatibility org version. Just make
> sure it's very visible and easy to find when searched for.

For someone savvy enough wanting to install a newer Org on Emacs 23 I
expect a good proportion to recognize also that installing package
manager for Emacs 23 first is a good way to also update the other eLisp
they have on their systems.  However, that's not the issue I was
commenting about.

The issue, which admittedly doesn't really have much to do with Org and
was meant as a side remark, still stands that package manager can't
install different packages or package versions for different Emacs
versions.  If you wanted to do that, you'd need to create an ELPA
archive for each version of Emacs and teach people to use the right one
for the version they currently use.  That strikes me as odd.

At least the last part could be solved by optionally having a
version-specific sub-structure in ELPA and have Emacs' package manager
look there first.  I tend to the idea that each such sub-structure
should be a complete package archive, based on the assumption that it
would be served from a system that knows about (hard-)links or virtual
directories (that is the webserver rewrites the request to use some
other directory if it can't find it in the one you were looking).

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