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Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens

From: Astrid Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 12:43:18 +0100

Hi everybody-

I'm afraid Philipp Lange was right when he wrote that nobody needs a
mailinglist that doesn't seem to be able to focus on its own purpose: GNUPedia.

So for God's sake: Check out the website if you have a regular FAQ and stick
to GNUPedia-related topics when posting messages to info-gne. Please!!

And now for something completely different;-)

Is there anybody out there who is planning to write, currently writing
and/or translating articles for GNUPedia???

I've been trying to recruit people; family friends, who I think are capable
of writing good aricles.

Is there a list of "work-in-progress", so nobody writes an article that's
already being compiled by someone else?

There's enough work for everybody. Don't you think?

Wiesbaden, Germany

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