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Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens

From: Heiko Andresen
Subject: Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 11:14:03 +0100 (MET)


> By the way, I'm growing kinda sceptic about the whole project... I think
> Nupedia is in desperate need of people (I mean regular staff as well,
> not only writers), as it's quite difficult to find lead reviewers for
> some articles today, and the feedback is way slow (or null)... Also the
> lack of support for non-English articles is killing me. Probably they
> consider themselves a multilingual project - its TWO working languages
> are British English AND American English - but its's not the way the
> _universal_ encyclopedia should be... Oh well, maybe my complaints are
> pointless - who needs all these useless languages when we have so many
> variants (as PureDoxyk put it) of wonderful English?! Most of the
> European national currencies will disappear in a year, how long will it
> take for national languages?

I absoluteley agree with Oleg, I don't see the international will in
Nupedia. I hope there will be made some effort on this topic in hte next future,
otherwise I don't see a future in this project - I'm sure there are enough
writers out in the world, that do not speak english and versevice a big enough
public that doesn't speak english for reading articles.


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