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Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens

From: Oleg Izyumenko
Subject: Re: [Info-gne]Stop nonsens
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 22:21:10 +0300

Hello everyone! :)

Astrid Schmitt wrote:

> Is there anybody out there who is planning to write, currently writing
> and/or translating articles for GNUPedia???

I just finished Russian translation of my article on Esperanto (Zefram,
could you, please include it into your list? Its URL is ).
Russian "Zamenhof" will follow soon. Also there's someone translating it
into Spanish, but I haven't heard from this person for ages, is anybody
willing to do the job? :)
By the way, I'm growing kinda sceptic about the whole project... I think
Nupedia is in desperate need of people (I mean regular staff as well,
not only writers), as it's quite difficult to find lead reviewers for
some articles today, and the feedback is way slow (or null)... Also the
lack of support for non-English articles is killing me. Probably they
consider themselves a multilingual project - its TWO working languages
are British English AND American English - but its's not the way the
_universal_ encyclopedia should be... Oh well, maybe my complaints are
pointless - who needs all these useless languages when we have so many
variants (as PureDoxyk put it) of wonderful English?! Most of the
European national currencies will disappear in a year, how long will it
take for national languages?

Hasta la vista,


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