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Re: grammar checking

From: Pedro Andres Aranda Gutierrez
Subject: Re: grammar checking
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2023 07:52:23 +0200


some random thoughts about grammar checking.

1. I have worked with different word processors that provide grammar
checking in addition to spellchecking. At the end of the day, I had to
ignore 49 suggestions to accept a good one, which I would have caught
with reasonable proof-reading. Writing is something that needs time.
And I feel it every day, even for technical writing. And there are no
shortcuts to that.

2. I have tried grammar checking on different languages. Yes, I speak
a couple of languages and I write fluently in four. And at the end, I
either disable grammar checking or I just leave it there for fun. Some
suggestions are as good as spellchecking was 20 years ago. And a good
laugh may be worth it, but seriously, I'd rather not use grammar
checking when in a hurry.

3. I'm honoured to count professional writers and journalists among my
friends and, no, they don't use grammar checking ;-) because they feel
the tools currently force them into a style of writing which is not

I feel it would be more urgent to concentrate on spellchecking and see
how to improve support for languages with word composition on current
solutions in core Emacs or packages in ELPA.

My .2cents, /PA
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Fragen sind da um gestellt zu werden
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