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Re: Renaming eglot -- or at least add an alias?

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: Renaming eglot -- or at least add an alias?
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2022 10:59:00 +0800
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Tim Cross <theophilusx@gmail.com> writes:

> Now things are just getting ridiculous. Your original requirement was
> for a name free of jargon and non-technical. GCC

Is a compiler.  Anyone who has reason to use a compiler should know what
it is.  In addition, the C compiler on Unix-like systems is
traditionally "CC", with various different compilers prepending a letter
or two (i.e. pcc, xlc, et cetera.)  Such precedent has not been set with
language server clients: for example, KDE's Kate calls theirs "LSP


Is an operating system, made as a clone of Unix.  It is also a name that
requires uniqueness there are many different Unix-like operating systems
out there.  Would you also demand that MS Windows be named "Operating
System"?  Or Sun Solaris "Operating System"?

> Emacs

Was named in 1976, and the ship with its name has long since sailed.
That is not the case with eglot.

> Then you suggest we should change the name of company mode, a mode which
> has been extremely successful and over the many years it has existed,
> I've never seen a single person say anything like "Oh wow, I just
> discovered what company is, if only it had a better name which would
> have alerted me sooner!".

I have, in the past I was extremely confused by the relationship between
auto-complete and company due to the name of the latter.

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