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Re: [fluid-dev] OSC support

From: Peter Eastman
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] OSC support
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2012 10:47:08 -0700

> OSC doesn't define one set of messages with standard semantics

Not true: that's what the SYN namespace is for.  See
https://github.com/fabb/SynOSCopy/wiki.  OSC and MIDI approached this
from opposite directions.  MIDI began with a standard set of commands,
then added a mechanism for vendor specific extensions.  OSC began with
a generic transport protocol then added a standardized set of commands
later.  But the result is basically the same.

> About using OSC with FluidSynth, the fact is that FluidSynth is a SoundFont
> synthesizer, and SoundFonts (along with DLS) are also MIDI technologies.

SoundFonts are much more flexible than MIDI.  For example, here are
some of the advantages of OSC over MIDI that I particularly care

- You can have an effectively unlimited number of channels.
- You aren't restricted to an equal tempered tuning system, or any
tuning system at all.  You can specify an arbitrary pitch for every
- You can freely change the pitch of a note after it begins playing,
which makes slurs and portamentos possible.
- Pressure is specified per note, not per channel.

I don't believe there's anything about SoundFonts that prevents you
from doing these things.  It's just that there's no way to express
them with the MIDI protocol.

> I'm not sure if your message means that you offer yourself as a volunteer to
> work in the subject and you want to ask if it would be a good idea

Yes, that's always the issue, isn't it? :)  Ok, I may regret this, but
sure.  I'd be willing to help implement it.


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